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Last Testimony added August 09, 2011

Since I began my colon hydrotherapy treatments with Wholistic Lifestyle center, I have noticed several improvements in my health and general well-being.  My skin has cleared remarkably, I have increased regularity, and in conjunction with my diet and exercise plan, it has accelerated my weight loss.  I.R.


Before my first colonic I was a bit anxious and skeptical.  However, after that first experience I am very relaxed and comfortable.  This most definitely can be attributed to the personality of the colon therapist.  She is definitely gifted.  She makes you feel very comfortable and is very knowledgeable.  If you are on the road to a new lifestyle change, she can assist in getting you there. B.C.


Colon hydrotherapy has been a blessing.  I have always been plagued with chronic constipation.  Coupled with new lifestyle change in diet, colonics has made my bowel movement experience quite enjoyable.  I highly recommend it.  S.N.


For two years I was faced with a medical condition (infection) that kept recurring.  Antibiotics would coat the problem and it was back again.  After doing a few colonics and oral cleansers, I finally got relief. E.S.







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